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Jon was featured at the 2018 TEDxPurdueU - Art of the Ordinary

For a higher-quality video:

Mussel Polymer Inc. was featured in an animated video by Biomimicry Institute

For a higher-quality video:

Jon was interviewed by The Native Influence in 2020.

To check out this amazing interview and know more about Jon's career, aspiration and life click the following link:

Jon was named a PopTech Science Fellow in 2013. Here is a video introduction to the 2013 class of PopTech Science Fellows.

Jon's talk at PopTech where he discusses our research.

During the PopTech meeting, Jon was part of a Q&A panel discussing the origins of creativity. This panel was moderated by Joe Palca from National Public Radio.

For a higher-quality video:

Here is a video of Jon Wilker, made for part of the "Profiles of Scientists and Engineers" project.  The National Science Foundation is depicting the lives of several scientists and engineers, including an electrical engineer, a biogeoscientist, an exercise physiologist, a computer scientist, a mechanical engineer, a marine biologist, a design engineer, and a biophysicist.

Here is a video of Jon explaining our underwater glue sytem

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